OPINION: Let the British leave the EU – but do not throw them out

Fjellner 2After the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, Brussels and member states should plan a clean British exit from the bloc, instead of trying to rush it, argues Christopher Fjellner.





Berlin consternation in face of CETA parliament bypass push


Sigmar Gabriel meets trade Commissioner Malmström (2014). Photo credit: BMWI

EU Commission President Juncker made it clear: the Commission sees CETA, the trade deal with Canada, as falling under “exclusive” EU competence and thus not requiring ratification by national parliaments. This is causing consternation in Berlin, though there are differences in point of view between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party and that of her economy minister and coalition partner Sigmar Gabriel, the SPD. – ID.




Brexit: “Massive unknowns” ahead – EU to get distracted from TTIP

Brexit eggSo, welcome to “hell”. There’s an entire trade relationship with the outside world for the United Kingdom to build.


Edited. Comment – EU trade politics: the ‘Bremain’ purgatory – the Brexit hell

PurgatoryBritain is voting on whether to leave or stay in the EU. A decision by the UK to remain is likely to prolong the current state of generalised gridlock in EU trade politics. Yet at least we will have ‘the mess we know’: a state akin to being in a purgatory. Brexit would bring about the devil we don’t know – and we will meet him in hell. By Iana Dreyer.


BLOG: EU Russia trade two years into the sanctions

SanctionsThe EU is preparing to extend for another year its two-year-old economic and financial sanctions against Russia enforced in reaction to the annexation of Crimea and Russia’s meddling in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.  Carnegie Endowment’s Andrey Movchan takes stock of EU Russian trade and investment relations. Excerpts below.