TTIP and energy security: do Europeans actually want US LNG?

Terminal LNG w winoujciuWhen TTIP talks were launched in 2013, Europeans were keen to tap into the United States oil and gas bonanza resulting from the country’s shale revolution to help reduce prices and shake off the continent’s too-heavy reliance on Russian hydrocarbons. But now US shale gas is arrriving in Europe, regardless of TTIP.  Politics in member states – from France to Poland – could actually make it more complicated for US gas exporters to enter the EU market. By Iana Dreyer.


After Canada & US, Mexico next in EU North America free trade pipeline

Mexico. All the countries of North America. Flag version.EU member states are expected to give the green light to negotiations to upgrade a fifteen-year-old free trade agreement between the EU and Mexico. Iana Dreyer outlines what is at stake in the talks.



Brexit, EU, trade: What’s in it for Africa?

Young African Businesswoman Analyzing GraphWould a United Kingdom that has left the EU be able to deepen trade ties with the Commonwealth, as many ‘Brexit’ proponents argue? Uzo Mazu walks us through the arguments from a a specifically African perspective. A first version of this piece  appeared on her website What’s In It for Africa.





TTIP less consensual than it seems in Central and Eastern Europe


Anti TTIP demonstration in Slovenia, June 2015. Source:

Support for TTIP in Central and Eastern Europe, though it remains strong, is no longer as consensual as it used to be. A closer look at opinion polls and MEP votes by Iana Dreyer.


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