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WTO appellate report strengthens EU case in pork ban dispute with Russia

  Russia is probably regretting having appealed the first WTO dispute panel finding against one of its most politically charged trade tussle with the E ...| Click here to read more

Think tank corner: Trump and trade – a call for Europe to mature

  The United States’ rising protectionism and turn away from multilateralism require the European Union to “mature”. The bloc must make efforts to save ...| Click here to read more

Trade Facilitation Agreement comes into force

  The WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement has come into force more than three years after its signature in Bali. After Rwanda, Oman, Chad and Jordan rat ...| Click here to read more

In brief: Russia appeals WTO ruling on commercial vehicle duties

  Russia has appealed against a January 2017 WTO dispute settlement ruling indicting it for not following the rulebook in applying trade defence duties ...| Click here to read more

Interview: Lessons from TTIP – Regulatory trade talks should be an open process

The failure of the controversial transatlantic TTIP negotiations in late 2016 is a good opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and can be done with trade ...| Click here to read more

In brief: Russia challenges EU antidumping duties on steel at WTO

Russia has requested WTO consultations with the EU last Friday on European anti-dumping duties imposed on imports of certain cold-rolled flat steel products ...| Click here to read more

Panel finds Russian antidumping duties on EU vans WTO incompatible

  The dispute settlement body of the World Trade Organization has found Russia’s antidumping duties imposed on light commercial vehicles from Germany a ...| Click here to read more

In brief: US and EU agree on pharma deal – WTO TRIPs waiver for pharmaceutic...

The EU and US have finalised an agreement  among regulators today that mutually recognises each party’s ‘good manufacturing practices’ for pharmaceuticals.  ...| Click here to read more

The week in EU trade: Trump, Davos, Brexit, Parliament

It’s Davos week. It’s also Trump week: a new trade era will open this week as president-elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated on Friday (20 January 2 ...| Click here to read more

What’s in the EU trade policy diary in 2017

2017 is shaping up to become a rocky year for trade agreement ratifications in the EU.   This year’s trade policy will be dominated by the uncertainty ...| Click here to read more

WTO’s trade policy review mechanism set for adjustments – in brief

  A reform of the mechanism for reviewing the World Trade Organisation (WTO) members’ trade policies and practices has been agreed. This reform will al ...| Click here to read more

INTERVIEW: “Brussels must show it has earned trust that it will deal with fundamen...

In this interview with EU Trade Insights, Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and a leading auth ...| Click here to read more

Commission launches review to bring EU biodiesel duties into conformity with WTO r...

The European Commission has launched a review of the anti-dumping measures in force on imports of biodiesel originating in Argentina and Indonesia. A decisi ...| Click here to read more

WTO sides with EU in fatty alcohols dispute with Indonesia

The World Trade Organisation’s dispute settlement body (DSB) has sided with the EU in a dispute with Indonesia over anti-dumping duties imposed on imports o ...| Click here to read more

US appeals WTO ruling on tax breaks for Boeing

As expected, the US has appealed the latest ruling of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that found the US$5.7 billion-worth of tax breaks provided by Washi ...| Click here to read more

WTO panel set up to rule on EU’s cost adjustment methodology

Following a second Russian request, the World Trade Organisation’s dispute settlement body (DSB) agreed, on 16 December, to establish a panel to examine the ...| Click here to read more

MEPs push Commission to take stance on cross-border data flows in trade deals

In a cross-party initiative, leading members of the European Parliament (EP) have called on the European Commission to “put forward its position on cross-bo ...| Click here to read more

China hits EU, US with WTO complaint over their price comparison methodologies

A day after the partial expiry of China’s WTO accession protocol on 11 December, Beijing filed a WTO complaint against the US and the EU over their price co ...| Click here to read more

Draft agenda of the Trade Policy Committee meeting of 9 December 2016

Deputy Members will meet in Brussels on Friday 9 December 2016 to discuss the following items: WTO issues: WTO- Trade Policy Review Mechanism. Sixth Apprai ...| Click here to read more

EGA ministers fail to seal a deal following two-day talks

The EU, US, China and other parties to the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) negotiations were unable to close the gaps and seal a deal at the Ministerial ...| Click here to read more