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Op-ed Section

Blog: A look back at the first trade week in Trump-world

  This week has been dense with at times dramatic trade policy events in the EU but also globally. It’s worth having a look back. A blog by Iana Dreyer ...| Click here to read more

Analysis : The EU’s 2017 trade challenges

In 2017, trade policy in the EU will most likely be about salvaging what can be salvaged and preparing the ground for better political times in future, writ ...| Click here to read more

Op-ed: Globalisation: shape it or be shaped by it

by Daniel Caspary MEP The evolution and structure of the European Single Market and the Customs Union have inevitably led to authority in the field of trad ...| Click here to read more

Op-ed: What’s the problem with Canada? Mistreating the treaty

By Christofer Fjellner Yesterday, the European Commission and Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström made a decision that may be detrimental to our trade ...| Click here to read more

Trade op-ed launched

Dear readers, EU Trade Insights has decided to open a new op-ed section to allow trade experts, decision makers, companies and NGOs to share their views on ...| Click here to read more