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French constitutional court seized on CETA – to rule within one month

  More than one hundred French MPs called on the constitutional court on Wednesday (22 February 2017) in Paris to rule on the compatibility of the EU C ...| Click here to read more

Think tank corner: Trump and trade – a call for Europe to mature

  The United States’ rising protectionism and turn away from multilateralism require the European Union to “mature”. The bloc must make efforts to save ...| Click here to read more

Feature: Britain’s awkward embrace of CETA

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } ...| Click here to read more

CETA vote divides Dutch, Polish, Belgian mainstream MEPs

  Data on the European Parliament’s vote consenting to the Comprehensive Economic and Partnership Agreement with Canada released today reveal emerging ...| Click here to read more

Trans-Atlantic Business council calls for revival of TTIP after MEP CETA green lig...

It’s almost impossible to see a negative opinion across Europe’s business community on the European Parliament’s vote in favour of CETA on Wednesday (15 Feb ...| Click here to read more

CETA vote in European Parliament paves way for provisional entry into force

  The European Parliament’s consent to the trade pact with Canada means CETA can come into force provisionally in the spring 2017. Yet a lengthy ...| Click here to read more

Last-ditch civil society push ahead of crucial CETA vote in Strasbourg

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Insight: Of Polish investors suing the government – CETA debate in Canada’s parlia...

The Canadian House of Commons has voted by a large majority in favour of ratifying the Comprehensive Economic and Trade agreement (CETA) with the EU. Bill C ...| Click here to read more

Interview: Lessons from TTIP – Regulatory trade talks should be an open process

The failure of the controversial transatlantic TTIP negotiations in late 2016 is a good opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and can be done with trade ...| Click here to read more

Hard campaigning around CETA in EU Parliament as ratification date nears

There is clearly a sense of panic in the EU Parliament over the fate of the controversial EU Canada trade agreement CETA. MEPs are expected to ratify the pa ...| Click here to read more

EU trade agenda week 6-10 February 2017

  Brussels’ trade focus this week will be Europe’s Eastern flanks, China, and transatlantic relations. During a meeting of heads of government in Valle ...| Click here to read more

Responding to Trump: Top EU think tank suggests EU adopt own border adjustment tax

  The EU should respond in kind to US plans to introduce discriminatory tax on corporations, argues a scholar at the highly respected economics think t ...| Click here to read more

EU and Mexico accelerate pace of free trade talks

It’s Trump time. The EU and Mexico have agreed to accelerate the pace of their ongoing negotiations to liberalise trade. “Together, we are witnessing the w ...| Click here to read more

In brief: Anti CETA campaign heating up in Austria, France

Anti-CETA campaigners are fighting a last-ditch battle against the EU-Canadian free trade pact as the European Parliament prepares to vote for the deal mid ...| Click here to read more

EU, US say TTIP can be concluded conditional on “political will”

  “The progress we have achieved so far gives us confidence that, with continued engagement by both sides, and with the political will to prioritize lo ...| Click here to read more

Last ditch attempt to overcome row over CETA Joint Committee ahead of Parliament r...

  Shadow rapporteur for the left-of-centre S&D group, Romanian MEP Sorin Moisa, has been trying to defuse a fresh crisis brewing in the group over ...| Click here to read more

EU and US make last trade gestures before Obama administration folds

An era of uncertainty opens in transatlantic relations, as in exactly one week President Obama (20 January 2017) will hand over the reins of power to Donald ...| Click here to read more

German constitutional court refuses to block CETA provisional application

Blocking the ratification process of CETA would be highly damaging to the EU’s international standing, Germany’s top judges believe. The ratification proces ...| Click here to read more

ENVI Committee largely supports CETA

The Environment Committee voted today (12 January 2017) in favour of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Ca ...| Click here to read more

Public support for TTIP increases in latest Eurobarometer poll

Public support for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has seen a little increase over the last six months, if one believes the latest Euroba ...| Click here to read more