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Draft agenda of the Trade Policy Committee meeting of 2 December 2016

Full Members will meet in Brussels on Friday 2 December 2016 to discuss the following items:

  1. WTO- Post Nairobi and selection of the next WTO Director-General: Full members will discuss recent developments and the road ahead in the individual areas of negotiations. TPC will also be informed on the process of selecting the WTO’s Director-General and updated on the state of negotiations on EGA and the next steps on TiSA.
  2. TDI modernisation: TPC will be updated on the state of play on TDI modernisation following the discussion in Coreper of 30 November, further to the conclusions of the European Council of 20-21 October 2016.
  3. EU-Japan FTA negotiations: the Commission will inform TPC of recent developments and next steps regarding EU-Japan FTA negotiations.
  4. Multilateral Investment Court: TPC will be informed on the on-going preparatory work with a view to the establishment of a multilateral investment dispute settlement system on investment protection.
  5. Any other business: the Commission will draw TPC’s attention to recent Member States’ measures regarding labelling requirements which still await notification to the WTO Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade.
  • Lunch: over lunch the Commission will debrief TPC about recent:
  • contacts with Indian counterparts regarding our trade and investment relations,
  • contacts with the US regarding TTIP,
  • development in Iran’s accession process to the WTO.