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Draft agenda of the Trade Policy Committee meeting of 4 March 2016

Deputy Members will meet in Brussels on Friday 4 March 2016 to discuss the following items:

  1. WTO issues:
  • Post-Nairobi: TPC will discuss based on a presentation from the Commission on the latest developments in Geneva.
  • Trade Policy Review (Turkey): TPC will discuss the upcoming Trade Policy Review of Turkey on the basis of indications from the Commission.
  1. Bilateral/Regional issues:
  • EU-Algeria: TPC will hold a discussion on the trade-related results of the EU-Algeria Association Committee on 25 February in Brussels.
  • EU-Armenia Framework Agreement: TPC will be informed on the outcome of the 1st round of negotiations on the trade part of the Framework Agreement held on 15-17 February in Brussels.
  • Emergency Autonomous Trade Measures for Tunisia: TPC will be invited to consider and, if possible, endorse the outcome of the vote of the European Parliament on the Commission proposal.
  • EU-US TTIP: TPC will discuss the results of the 12th round of negotiations of the EU-US Transatlantic-Trade and Investment Partnership.