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MEPs stand firm behind Commission over FTA negotiations with UK

The European Parliament is standing full-square behind the Commission in its approach to the post-Brexit trade negotiations with the UK – and will need some convincing to accept any significant concessions to British demands as the talks rapidly intensify over the coming months. This was the message from Brussels at …

UK, US send upbeat notes on services, investment, digital in trade talks
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UK, US send upbeat notes on services, investment, digital in trade talks

The British government has emerged sounding upbeat – perhaps predictably so – from the first round of negotiations for a free trade agreement with the United States, which concluded last Friday. According to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, the two-week-long round of virtual negotiating sessions were “positive and constructive”, with …

Government subsidies to national fisheries are seen as a major factor in the overfishing of sensitive fish stocks
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WTO fisheries negotiations put on hold indefinitely following Geneva closedown

Negotiations at the World Trade Organization over disciplines on subsidies to the fisheries sector have been put on pause – but because of disruption caused by COVID-19, rather than any collapse in the negotiations themselves. The long-running negotiations have reached a sensitive phase, with the first draft of a final …