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Week in Brussels: The French, CETA and Mercosur, treating UK as EU, recess reminder
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Week in Brussels: The French, CETA and Mercosur, treating UK as EU, recess reminder

Dear readers, this is the last Week in Brussels column before our summer recess. The next Week in Brussels column will appear on 30 August 2019. We will publish very sparingly over the next two weeks due to the general recess period in relevant European and international trade institutions. Here …

The White House considers imports of autos and auto parts as a potential national security threat
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US auto tariff threat: Malmström announces retaliation on €35bn worth of trade

Speaking to the newly-established international trade committee in the European Parliament today (23 July), the EU’s outgoing trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström said the body was ready to retaliate with tariffs against imports from the United States should Washington go ahead with introducing tariffs on EU autos after an end of …

Canada is not keen on rolling over CETA
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Liam Fox: MPs ‘to blame’ as Canada declines to sign FTA rollover with UK

The UK has not yet been able to secure a ‘rollover’ of the EU-Canada free trade agreement to apply to Britain after it leaves the EU – and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is blaming the UK Parliament for sending out ‘mixed signals’ to its trading partners on the likelihood …

The European Commission blocked the merger of ThyssenKrupp and Tata Steel
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Auto vs steel industry battle intensifies over import safeguard

The European Union is reviewing a safeguard it introduced earlier in 2019 to relieve steel producers from inexpensive imports in a market it feared would be flooded by cheap products in the aftermath of the US’s Section 232 steel import restrictions. The measure pits embattled European steel producers against the …