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Britain’s awkward embrace of CETA
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Britain’s awkward embrace of CETA

Eurosceptic MEP David Campbell Bannerman celebrating CETA in the European Parliament 15-16 February 2017   Wariness about its own future in CETA has replaced Theresa May’s government’s initial enthusiastic embrace the EU’s new trade pact with Canada, Iana Dreyer writes.   When the European Parliament ratified the EU-Canada trade agreement …

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CETA vote divides Dutch, Polish, Belgian mainstream MEPs

Data on the European Parliament’s vote consenting to the Comprehensive Economic and Partnership Agreement with Canada released today reveal emerging new fractures in Europe’s political groups as pro-trade mainstream parties saw a rise in votes against the pact.     The vote on CETA held in Strasbourg on Wednesday (15 February 2017) wielded less …

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Trans-Atlantic Business Council calls for revival of TTIP after MEP CETA green light

It’s almost impossible to see a negative opinion across Europe’s business community on the European Parliament’s vote in favour of CETA on Wednesday (15 February 2017). Even a big chunk of the free trade agreement-sceptic European farming and food sector is looking forward to trading under the pact’s new rules. United States observers, for …

Interview: Lessons from TTIP – Regulatory trade talks should be an open deliberative process
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Interview: Lessons from TTIP – Regulatory trade talks should be an open deliberative process

  The failure of the controversial transatlantic TTIP negotiations in late 2016 is a good opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and can be done with trade agreements involving regulatory talks in future. Professor Bernard Hoekman, Director and Professor in Global Economics at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced …